Saturday, January 14, 2012

Perfect Perfection

You are cordially invited to the overview of the marriage of Eru Metcalfe to Averil Bartlett on 2nd January 2012 at 3pm in Ohoka, North Canterbury, New Zealand.

The day started out with a 5.2 earthquake at 5.45am. Claire, Averil, Kathryn, Renee and I had all stayed at Roxy Inn for Averil's last night of 'freedom' (I never really got this term - if you can't do on this night what you would normally do on any other night with the person you are bethrothed to, then perhaps marriage isn't for you? Anyway, I digress.) We had a lovely dinner together, some champagne (thanks Renee!) and were all in bed around 10pm. Claire and I shared her bed as Scott had been banished out to his parents for the night. Girls only! I think he probably thought he got the better deal - Sky TV and no females clucking on about wedding plans and false eyelashes. I would even go so far as to say that he probably started up some sort of motorised gardening equipment just to make sure his testosterone levels were in check! Again, I digress.
So, after being shaken awake, Claire and I got up to find Renee sitting at the table writing her bridesmaid speech. It was raining and cold. Uh-o. Not particularly what you want on the morning of your outdoor wedding. After a cup of tea we went back to bed for another hour or so before getting up again. Averil had slept well (excellent) and Claire was on breakfast and lunch duty - making sure the bride was well fed so she didn't faint from hunger on her way to meet her groom.

Kathryn and I left Averil in the capable hands of the hairdresser at about 10am to go home and make ourselves beautiful. The next time we would see Averil would be when she was walking down the isle at the ceremony. Exciting!!

Fast forward to 2.30pm and the rain had stopped. It was still slightly cooler than days previous but had definately warmed up. The sky was overcast - perfect photographing weather!

By 3pm all guests had assembled at the house where the ceremony was to take place. The house looked amazing. The gardens were beautiful. The guests all looked posh. Eru and his best man, twin brother Karati, looked delicious! Albeit a little nervous.

First to come down the side of the house, around the garden and up the aisle was flower girl Annabelle holding her Daddy's hand. Gorgeous. Then came bridesmaid Renee who looked stunning. Then the piece de resistance - Averil and Dad. Averil looked AMAZING. So beautiful and so happy. She took my breath away.
The ceremony was personal, friendly, and both bride and groom managed to hold it together during their vows. Perfect.

After mingling and photos around the grounds of the house we walked down the road to the Ohoka hall for the reception.
The vegetarian dinner was sensational. The speeches were heartfelt. The dancing was great. All the planning and decorating paid off and the hall was the perfect backdrop for a brilliant night.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Metcalfe!!


  1. Well done, as usual, Danielle. You must have found it hard to choose which photos to put on out of so many beautiful photos. As a proud MoB and a proud-to-bursting FoB we are so delighted that the day went off so beautifully for such a great couple. I don't really think it could have been better!! Best wishes to the newly-weds. xxxx

  2. The newlyweds thank you for your excellent coverage of our special, special day. Just as clothes maketh the man, the guests maketh the event and that's why our wedding was so awesome and fun. Thanks everybody. Enormous shout out to Cocozilla Danielle Bartlett. You are an organisational legend.