Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcome To The World, Wee Man

I'm so very, very proud and happy to announce that Claire and Scott became parents to Quinn Lethaby yesterday and 5.50pm.  Quinn weighed in at 6lb9oz and is absolutely gorgeous!
Claire did an amazing job and Scott looks as pleased as punch.

Averil and I, being the doting Aunties, went up to the hospital after work to sit and wait and could hear the effort Claire was making.  It sounded like a LOT of hard work.  We were silently cheering her on and then gave out a big 'Whoop whoop' when we heard the baby cry.  Such an exciting time for us.  Such an exhausting time for the parents!

We were delighted and honoured to get to meet Quinn when he was less than an hour old.  He is perfect!  So small, and so beautiful.  He slept the whole time while cuddling with his Aunties.

So proud of you Claire - you are a star!!