Saturday, February 21, 2009

Next stop, England!

Well, it's been nearly a week since the travellers (Apes & Eds) left the sunny shores of NZ to head to chilly Manchester, England.  Last weekend was busy with drinks and bbq's but was fun until Sunday when we went to the airport to see them off.  Sad for us but exciting for them.
After an unscheduled stop over in Sydney (due to Qantas fannying around) Apes and Eds finally made it to the other side of the world 24 hours later than anticipated.

Roxy Inn has been somewhat quieter for the most part of this week.  On Monday night Megan picked me up for a 'Mystery Trip' and took me to stone carving.  It was fun!  I started on a Koru for the garden.  Apparently I did very well (according to the tutor) and did in one night what takes most people 3 nights to do.  I can't go this Monday but told him I will be back the following Monday.  I really loved it.

Tuesday night I went to Denny's and a movie with Paula.  We saw He's Just Not That Into You which I quite liked.  It was no Love Actually but was still good.  Denny's, as usual, was delish!
Claire couldn't come as she had her work meeting and then a massage.  Bliss.

Wednesday night was Kyra's Tupperware party.  We went along to make up the numbers.  There was a very crass woman there who kept making racial comments about Asians..  A bit vulgar really.  Silly moo.  Claire and I both got little gifts which were mini salt and pepper shakers - the size of a matchbox.  I instantly fell in love with them.  You know me with anything mini!!  

Netball of course was on Thursday and what a game!  We had to get two subs due to Claire and Sarah both feeling poorly.  One of the subs was bouncy dred guy who was great at GA.  The score was neck and neck the whole way through until the last 5 minutes or so when they won by two points.  Final score was 24-26.  I was so proud of the team they all did tremendously.  Of course, we missed our star players though.  (That's you two, in case you didn't work it out).

Jenni Pryde arrived on Thursday afternoon for the second leg of her NZ trip.  We took a day trip up to Hanmer Springs yesterday and even though it was drizzly up there it was still really nice lounging in the hot pools.  So relaxing.  After arriving back in Chch we went to The Lone Star for dinner.  Yum yum!  Then came back home for some wine.  Lance came down and joined us for drinks too.

Claire and Mark were at James & Yvette's wedding yesterday and apparently it all went very well despite the bad weather.  Mark's best man speech went well and Claire even got talking to some guests who were familiar with Matakana and knew the Withers'.  Small world.  Of course, they knew Stuart - who doesn't?  

Tonight we are out to paint the town tartan!  It's been so long since I've been out that I've forgotten what to do!!  The plan is to hit Sol Square and then go and see Stove Pipes et el.  It should be good.