Friday, July 24, 2009

Watch This Space

We have Mum coming for one night only tomorrow AND the Southern Bartlett's coming for a whole week! The next blog will be action packed!!

So many exciting things are about to happen so watch this space!

We did win our netball again last night. Yes, we are a force to be reckoned with! Final score was 22-13.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop?!

Big exciting news first: Claire got a PASS WITH DISTINCTION in her last assignment. She was very proud of herself and rightfully so. Claire said that the fact that I mentioned it in the last Roxy Review might have been good luck so I thought I might talk a little about Lotto this time.... just put it out there.... and see what the universe throws back at me.... Ok, enough sillyness.
Extremely well done Claire!

We had a work shout last Friday night for Peter Isle's Retirement and 40 year service. For those of you who don't know, Peter was a special needs employee at work. He worked down in the factory but lately had become a bit of a liability and the call was made for him to retire before he hurt himself or someone else. The fact that Peter had worked for Carter Holt Harvey for 40 years is really saying something for the company in my opinion.

There was a good turnout at the function and he made a very good speech - handing over the responsibility of Carol Singer to one of the other members of staff. When someone asked what he was going to do now he was retired he replied 'find another job'. I'm not sure he understands the concept of 'retirement'.

A couple of 'Peterisms' have come out over the past few weeks which have made me laugh. These are my favourites:

'That guy is N.I.T Nil!'

'There's no rest for the wicketts'.

'It's no skin on my nose'

My favourite, favourite is his name for the old cafe lady Prue. He has always called her Prune. Bless.

I got a lovely letter last week from Lucy King who I used to babysit in Auckland. Her and her mother were coming down to Christchurch for the weekend and wanted to know if I wanted to catch up with them. You bet I did!!! I hadn't seen them since I left Auckland 3 1/2 years ago.
On Saturday I went and met them at their hotel in the city and then we went for a cup of tea in New Regent Street before heading to Merivale Mall for some shopping. It was really lovely to see them again. Lucy is 12 now and so grown up. She is still a really lovely person.
We spent about 4 hours together chatting and looking at ridiculously overpriced wares in Merivale, and I dropped them off at the Arts Centre on my way back through. It was a lovely day.

We had a visit from Russell and his sister Carmel on Sunday. Carmel was in Christchurch visiting friends for the weekend. It was lovely to see her again. She is very involved with the Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra and has been kept busy with their sell-out concerts. Sounds like a lot of fun.
Russell busied himself bullying and rough-housing Toby (which I think Toby secretly loved).

I seem to have a bit (a lot) of an obsession with Scrabble. I play online with my dear Mum and some friends but lately I have been finding myself counting the point values of words etc when I am bored. The other day I added up the entire points value of my keyboard. It's 87 in case you ever need to know. Is there a Scrabblers Anonymous anywhere??
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

As Mad As A Hatter

Unfortunately this blog starts on a sad note.  Grandad Bartlett's sister, Aunty Nancy, passed away on Sunday 21st June.  Paula and Kazio went down to Invercargill for the funeral and Gavin managed to get across from Queenstown for it also.  Paula said it was a good turn out and got to catch up with the cousins aswell.  They also got over to Queenstown the following day and looked after Annabelle while Gavin was in a meeting and Catkin was at work.  Nice quality time with the wee Princess!
I finally got out into the vege garden a few weeks back and tidied it all up for Winter.  I got all the weeds out and then covered it in compost. It was a bigger job than I had anticipated but was very pleased with my efforts. As I was digging around in the compost bin three little mice ran out and along the fence.  Cute!  Not sure where they took cover until they could return and start rebuilding their houses in the compost.  

Lynnie and Courtney had a garage sale a few weeks back so I offered to help them and thought it might be a good chance to try and sell some baby Aloe Veras too.  I sold two and made $5 BUT I spent $10 buying their old bread maker!  Ha!  I have yet to try it out on yummy bready goodness but was very happy with my purchase.
They did really well and got rid of most of the big stuff they were selling.  They were planning on having another one the following weekend out at Lynnie's mums house in Kaiapoi.

Last week we had THE most dramatic game of netball ever.  One of the guys on the opposing team was gobbing off at the ref when she penalised him for something he had done.  He wouldn't let it go and kept swearing at the ref so she sent him off.  He sat on the sideline and was still swearing at her so she stopped the game and went upstairs to get one of the guys to escort him out.  While she was upstairs the rest of the team walked off the court.  AND we were winning!  Very bad sportsmanship from the whole team!  Anyway, we won by default and some people from the sideline made up a team so we could continue our game.  We won even though the score doesn't count.  
The team that walked off were at the top of the points ladder but no longer play at Howzat so now we are at the top!!  Yipppeee! 
A couple of weeks ago Russell played for us and brought along his new girlfriend, Melissa Archer.  She seemed really nice and reminded me of a blonde Kathryn Bartlett.

Last Saturday I drove up to Picton to see my exclusive man-friend Lance.  I was planning to drive back on Sunday but when Sunday rolled around I just couldn't be bothered so we decided that I should stay another night and, seeing it is SOOO quiet at work at the moment, I rang my boss at midday to see if I could take an annual leave day on Monday. At 12:02pm I rang Claire to tell her I would be home on Monday.  At 12:05pm I had my first vodka & redbull.  Much better than driving home and having to go to work the next day!!  It was very stormy up in Picton so we stayed in and watched movies in the warmth.  Nice.

On Thursday at work we had a Mad Hatters Tea Party.  We occasionally have theme days - just our department - and this week it was decided that we would have a hat day. Everyone brought a plate for a shared morning tea and a hat.  My boss Julian had a ridiculously oversized cowboy hat which made me laugh loudly every time I looked at him.  Hilarious.  I made and took along some chocolate caramel slice which wasn't as good as usual due to the fact that I had iced it while it was hot (like I usually do) but the butter in the icing melted and kind of settled on top looking a little dodgy. Anyway, everyone was very kind and said it was yummy.  Even Barb in the cafe at work had a piece ... and then another... and then asked for the recipe.  And she's a pro!  So that's saying something.

I was invited to join cousin Patrice, Vawn, and kids for dinner on Thursday night.  They had flown to Christchurch in the afternoon and were at a motel by the airport for the night before heading off to Cairns for a 12 day holiday. Unfortunately Claire couldn't make it as she had an assignment due the following day and was around at her boss's house getting it checked.  We went down to Robbie's at Church Corner for an early dinner and catch up.  It was really nice to see them again.  AND I managed to finally win at a game of Hang Man with Dylan and Krystle.  FINALLY!  I was very happy - maybe a little too happy.  Even though they are only young they are VERY good at the game.

After dinner I went off to netball.  We won our game 14-8.  Our WA Ashley Hampton brought her whole family along for support so we had our own cheerleaders!  It was a good game considering all our defense (Karati, Sandra, Kyra) are out at the moment so we've had to find subs for the past few weeks.

This morning we got our chimney swept.  So what, you might say.  It is a big deal to us as we were getting clouds of smoke billowing out every time we opened the door.  Even setting the smoke alarm off in the hallway!  At least we know the alarm works.  Which is a good thing.  
I had thought of a cheap way of cleaning the chimney by tying a rope around one of the cats and lowering them down the chimney.  Somehow I don't think Min would see the funny side!

The chimney sweeper guy said there was the gap only about the size of an egg at the top for the smoke to pass through...  The rest was caked in soot.  Anyway, now it's all done and safe again.