Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Power Of Three

April is shaping up to be a good month! This week alone has been the best week ever.
First of all YMF has decided to move out. Yippeee!
A wise woman once told me how to deal with males. You plant the seed and let THEM come to the conclusion you want with them thinking THEY have made the decision all by themselves. So YMF has a new job starting on 16th April and is being sent up to Auckland for a month of training. When he first moved in and asked why it was only a 3 month rental I told a little bitty white lie and said I had friends coming in May. (Yes, I know lying is NEVER good but it will give me something to tell at my next confession!) So I brought up the moving out date and HE decided to move out before he goes up North to save from paying rent while he's not here. Exactly the result I was aiming for! The countdown is on. Less than two weeks to go.

Secondly I had an Autumn Release Intimo party with another of the consultants on Sunday. We had about 10 ladies come along - most of them familiar with Intimo - and had a really great afternoon. I even got my first recruit who is launching her business in May. Yay!! I am SO excited. Jane has been a great customer and hostess of mine since I launched last year and realised that, being in love with the Intimo range, becoming a consultant was the next obvious step.

Thirdly, I got an email from one of my besties, Rachael Svenson, last week to say that she is planning a trip down to Christchurch in August/September of this year. Her and her husband Dean decided that once a year they are each going to have a weekend - Dean to Masterton (where he's from) for a boys weekend, and Rachael to Christchurch for a girls weekend. We are going to try and talk Krissy in to coming down too. Fun times! Always big belly laughs when we all get together.

There's only 9 sleeps until Claire and Scott's wedding now. Exciting! Claire and I fly up to Warkworth on Wednesday afternoon. I am SO looking forward to going. It's going to be a busy time but I have no doubt it will be fantastic.

And the cherry on the top: I checked my lotto ticket from last week at the mall on Thursday night and got a shock to see that I had won $101 dollars! Cha-ching!