Thursday, January 24, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

Welcome to the new year!  Already over half way through the first month and there have been highs and lows. 

The worst low being that a guy from our despatch department at work collapsed yesteday at work.  Our first aid officers did CPR on him until the ambulance arrived and he was taken to hospital -  not breathing.  He spent the night in Trauma and suffered a few heart attacks which the hospital staff could not help with much except to make him as comfortable as possible.  He was moved to ICU and was on life support today while waiting for all of his family to arrive to say their good byes before the life support machine was switched off.  Sadly Terry passed away tonight.  A very big shock as he was only 55.

RIP Terry Anderson.

The high being that I went to Melbourne for the Intimo January conference. It was a very quick trip - flew over on Thursday morning and back on Friday night - but it was brilliant!  The key note speakers were very inspirational.  I have come home with goals and plans for the year ahead.  My first goal is to make it to July conference on the Gold Coast, Australia.  It's no small task as I have to make just over $38,000 in sales before the last day of June to qualify.  But I am putting little steps in place now and have broken it down into months (which isn't quite so overwhelming) so will at least give it a good go.  Fingers crossed that everyone wants new bras for the new year!