Monday, April 18, 2011

Love Is In The Air

Big congratulations to Kathryn and Alan (Moos) for their engagement last week. Moos took Kathryn away for a weekend in Abel Tasman National Park (at the top of the South Island) and after a helicopter ride up to the top of the 5000ft mountain he brought out the ring he had taken months to design himself and popped the question, down on one knee! Of course Kathryn said Yes! Otherwise it would have been a long walk down the hill for her. I spoke to them on Skype last week and they were thinking about Spring time next year for the big day and that is as far as they had got with wedding plans. Plenty of time for that. Kathryn said the following few days Moos informed everyone they saw about their engagement, whether they asked or not! Bless.

2 weddings in one year! What a cracker next year will be.

I bet Dad is wishing there were still such things as dowry payments. Well, let me tell you, there are.... if you fancy moving country.

I think we should adopt the tradition of the African nation of Sudan. The Dinka tribesmen celebrate an engagement with a party (nothing unusual there, right?) BUT during the party there is a dowry dance where the groom-to-be tries to impress the family of the bride by jumping as high as possible. Now THAT I'd pay to see. Start jumping, Moos!

Surprise helicopter rides must be the trend at present. For Scott's birthday, Claire arranged a mystery date for both of them to go up and over Christchurch city in a helicopter. The ride was for 20 minutes and they both thoroughly enjoyed it. Claire said it was strange not having the landmarks to go by to know where she was but the pilot pointed out things of interest.

This coming weekend is Easter. Mum came to Christchurch for a night last Friday before her and Averil set off driving to Queenstown for 4 days to see the Southern Barts. Averil had not met Hazel so was itching to get down there. They will be back on Wednesday and then Mum, Claire, and Scott fly up to Auckland on Friday (Good Friday). Claire and Scott fly to Rarotonga for a week for Jess Howie's wedding. What a great time to get away to a warm island resort. Jealous!

I just had a chat to Dad. I rang him earlier just to make sure he wasn't too scared or lonely while Mum is away. Ha! He has square eyes from watching Sky Sports all night and falling asleep in this chair - just as Mum predicted. She knows him so well! He said it is rainy, windy, and cold up there today - much the same as down here. Winter is definately on the way. Boo.