Monday, February 13, 2012


While we were all henning around Akaroa, a sweet little girl in Queenstown was getting ready to turn 1. Little Hazel had her first birthday on 7th February. Nana and Grandad Bartlett flew down on Sunday til Tuesday to join in the celebrations.
Hazel started walking just after returning back to Queenstown after Christmas and is racing around everywhere - according to our roving reporter and her completely smitten Nana, Trish.
Thanks for the photos Mum xx


Monday, February 6, 2012

Claire's Amazing Henny Race

Team Champs - Amelia (driver), Claire, Ann
Team Lil' Black - Danielle (driver) Sandra, Renee
Team Silver Fox - Averil (driver), Julie, Kathryn, Sarah

Claire's team to get her to all stations before the other teams.
For each team that beats her she must do a shot of wine
If no cars beat her she can bank credits OR nominate others to drink

You must get photographic evidence of all dares being performed.
If you do not get a photo while performning the task, you will have to
do it again.

Challenge 1:
Throughout the day you must get your photo taken with the male equivalent of
each of the Spice Girls (Sporty, Scary, Ginger, Posh, Baby)

Dares: (to be completed throughout the day)
Take off your bra while fully clothed
Convince a stranger that you are foreign
Ask someone for a cigarette, when they give you one tell them 'No thanks, I don't smoke'.
Convince a man that you used to be a bloke
Walk around with your skirt hooked up in your knickers for 10 minutes
Convince a stranger to buy you a drink
Kiss a man in uniform on the cheek
Approach a stranger and convince them know them and reminisce about old times

Clue 1: Where is Scott's favourite weekend hang out?
Answer: Mitre 10, Beckenham
2 cars beat Claire = 2 shots of wine
Challenge 2: Sing your favourite song (American Pie) and busk for enough money
for your lunch.

Clue 2: Where was Claire and Scott's first date?
Answer: Becks Southern Ale House, Colombo Street, Beckenham
2 cars beat Claire = 2 shots of wine
Challenge 3: Using the gun and 3 plastic ducks provided shoot and hit all three ducks. For every miss you must do a shot of wine.

Clue 3: Where did Claire and Scott meet?
Answer: Richard Hampton's 50th Birthday party, Westfield Ave, Templeton
2 cars beat Claire = 2 shots of wine
Challenge 4: Using the large Scrabble tiles provided spell out the location for lunch.

Answer: Raspberry Cafe, Tai Tapu
2 cars beat Claire = 2 shots of wine

After the hilarity of The Amazing Henny Race, we had a lovely lunch at the Raspberry Cafe in Tai Tapu. If you haven't already been there, and get the chance, go! The food is delicious and the setting is peaceful. I fully recommend it. The desserts are to die for too. I had some of Averil's and Kathryn's and some of Renee's. If you don't BUY the dessert yourself then I figure you don't get the calories sticking to your hips, right?

After lunch we headed to our final location: Akaroa. We hired a little cottage for the night which slept all 11 of us comfortably. It was like staying at Nana's house. As soon as I walked in I could smell the familiar aroma of old furniture and camphor. After a well deserved drink for the drivers, and a big cheers to Amelia for driving nice and slow to allow the other cars to beat her, and LOTS of oohing and ahhing over the quaintness of the cottage, we were ready for Claire's next task.

Task: To bake the Sand Art Marriage Brownie for afternoon tea. All ingrediants resembled a trait important for a happy, long lasting marriage, layered in a jar. Claire's job was to empty the contents of the jar into a bowl and mix, then add love (melted butter), fertility (eggs), and 1 teaspoon of tenderness (vanilla essence) and bake for half an hour.

While the Marriage brownie was baking we played some games.
Now, knowing Claire as I do, I had a sneaking suspicion that after the Brides Quiz at Averil's Henny Claire would have gone home and asked Scott lots of questions about his favourite things in preparation for her own Henny quiz. SO being the mean fair bridesmaid that I am I decided her quiz would be a little different. I found some random multi choice questions on the internet which I used. Every incorrect answer had a penalty of a shot of wine. By the end of the quiz Claire was rosy cheeked and fuzzy headed.

Then it was brownie time. It was DELICIOUS!! Made even more delicious by the addition of Dairy Whip. It must have been good - it all went!
After a few more funny and fun games courtesy of Averil, we got ready and headed down to Vangioni's for dinner - Claire completing one of her dares on the way by hooking her skirt in her knickers for the walk there. Hilarious.

Dinner was nice - although some of us were still full from all the food throughout the day - but the waiter was somewhat annoying. He was a cute little French guy who, when Claire went to ask if she could have a photo taken with him (man in uniform) he said he was on his dinner break and asked if he had interrupted her when she was having dinner. Well, EXCUSE me. Not impressed. Luckily we had all finished anyway so we got up and walked out. What a prat.
Next stop was the local hotel for a few drinks. Hmmm.... it was a mixed group of people. One woman fell off her bar stool. (Not someone from our posh group). One guy looked like he was looking for a fight - male or female. So we had a couple of drinks and, after Claire had completed a few more of her dares, decided to call it a night. Home for a cup of tea and in bed by midnight! It had been a great but long day.

The next morning everyone felt good - no hangovers. So after a few cups of tea we got ready, did a quick clean of the house and left for breakfast in Akaroa and a look through the shops before heading back to Christchurch.
A great weekend. Everyone said they had an awesome time. Mission successfully completed.