Monday, November 14, 2011

Where'd October Go?

I seem to have blinked and missed October. It's just a blurr now as so much has happened since I last updated the blog. Apologies to all those (and I know there are a few of you out there, and a half) who have been eagerly logging in everyday to see if I've updated. Well, BOO! Here I am.
Right, let me think back.....
I had a night in Queenstown at the beginning of October. Originally, apart from going to visit the Southern Barts, I was going to present an Intimo party for Catkin. But the Friday night before I arrived Catkin had been up all night with a vomitting Hazel so we decided the LAST thing she needed was a house full of people to host. I was quite happy just hanging out with Annabelle for the afternoon. Hazel, Catkin, and Gavin all had a touch of the bug so Annabelle and I blew bubbles, watered the garden, and went to the playground. I LOVED it! Hopefully she did too. Aunty Paparazzi was out in style but I do feel Annabelle needs to work on her photo smile. Everytime I said 'smile' she screwed up her cute little face in what she thinks is a smile. More like a grimace to me! Still gorgeous though.

I've moved. Yippeeee! It all happened very quickly. I saw a place on Trade Me that I liked, went and had a look, signed up and then moved in all within 9 days. Lucky for me Mum and Dad happened to be coming down for a few days and it worked in beautifully with my moving date. I don't know what I would have done without them. Averil was on school holidays so very kindly helped as well and Claire was home from work so made us a yummy lunch. Thanks to everyone for all their help.
I LOVE my new place. A two storey, two bedroom town house with a little courtyard out the back. Very spacious for such a small place. I am really happy here. I haven't met my neighbours yet but did get woken up last weekend by what sounded like an argument next door. It was all very muffled but didn't sound friendly. Other than that I don't see or hear the neighbours much.... except the guy on the other side who plays death metal with heavy base in the weekends....... great.

I caught up with ex-boyfriend Lance a few weeks ago too, before I moved. Averil had just picked me up from the airport after I flew back from my night in Queenstown and we were having a nice cup of tea at home when he turned up. He had mentioned ages ago that when he was in Chch next he would bring a few boxes of wine down for Averil and Eru's wedding. Well 'a few' boxes was actually 7 boxes of wine. Very, very kind and very, very generous. He's a good one. With two more weddings next year I don't think I was the only one wishing things could have worked out differently between us.

Intimo was pretty quiet in October. I had two parties which both did quite well, but with packing and moving and parties and travelling and visitors I was just too busy!
I did, however, manage to set up a few for November so am pleased about that.
I was offered a booking from my team leader who was booked up and couldn't fit it in so agreed to it not knowing that it was for a fashion parade for a clothes shop in Lincoln! I was asked to talk for about 20 minutes on the benefits of wearing a good fitting bra. It was fair to say I was a little nervous and needed a couple of wines beforehand for Dutch courage. The evening went well although I think I only actually talked for about 12 minutes but did get a sale and gave out quite a few business cards to interested ladies. Averil came with me (bless her) and handed out chocolates to bribe the audience. I think I was running on adrenaline (and wine) because I don't remember what I said but do remember laughter in the right places so that was good. Talk about getting thrown in the deep end! All good experience though.

Claire and Scott had their Christchurch engagement party in October too which was the main reason for Mum and Dad's visit. It was at the Yaldhurst Tavern, in the function room and was a really great night. There was a good crowd, the food was yummy, and the drinks were reasonably priced. The perfect combination for a good night out. It was really nice to see Uncle Albie and Aunty Lorraine, and Aunty Bev there as well (Dad's Aunties and Uncle).

The following day Mum, Claire, Averil, Kathryn and I went wedding dress shopping for Claire. I think it's fair to say I wasn't the only one feeling a little bit second hand. But we had a good day and Claire tried on heaps of dresses and managed to narrow it down to colour and style. She looked gorgeous in every single one, of course. Can't wait to see you in your hot pink meringue dress, Claire (wink wink).
Mum, Dad, and Averil left on Sunday morning to drive to Queenstown to stay with the Southern Barts. Unfortunately Averil was hit with the stomach bug on the Monday and was due to drive home by herself on Wednesday. She managed it alright but was very exhausted when she finally arrived back in Christchurch. Then Mum too got the bug for a few days before they flew home on the Saturday. Lucky they were staying with a nurse!

My Japanese penpal, Sayaka Enomoto came to NZ for 2 and a half weeks in October. She managed to fit in a weekend in Christchurch and it was so lovely to see her again. On the Friday after she arrived we went out for dinner with Claire, Scott, Averil and Eru. Even though I only had a salad and one piece of pizza I was VERY full and Sayaka and I were home and in our pyjamas by 9pm. We are middle aged ladies, after all.

On Saturday Averil and Eru shifted from Roxburgh Street over to a nice 3 bedroom house in Linwood. Sayaka and I were on lunch duty so took that around for the workers and had a tour of the house. It's a really great house and I think Averil and Eru will be very happy there.
On the Sunday night I had a House Warming/Konnichiwa Sayaka/Rugby World Cup Final party. Those who wanted to came early and we had a shared meal and then the rugby was on. The All Blacks won - for those who have been living under a rock for the past month - and we celebrated in style. We played a wee game during the match - I chose Richie McCaw and everytime his name was mentioned I had to drink. What a stupid game - I was drinking every five seconds!!! It was a fun night with great food and good people.
Monday was Labour Day so was a public holiday and I had to say sayonara to Sayaka at the airport for her midday flight.

Averil and I had another weekend in Auckland at the end of October. We had booked tickets to the Meatloaf concert in Auckland on the Saturday night so had one night in Warkworth beforehand. It just so happened that Sayaka was flying in to Auckland that same night so she came up to Warkworth with us for the night and got to meet Mum and Dad again after something like 22 years.
I went to see Krissy and baby Wills on Saturday morning for about 3 hours. Time just flew - it felt like I had just arrived and it was time to leave again. Babies are such time wasters! Gorgeous though.
We headed back to Auckland on Saturday afternoon and dropped off Sayaka on the North Shore before invading Kathryn and Moos' house for the night. Kathryn very kindly dropped us off in town for the concert. I have to say it was a little disappointing. Meatloaf just doesn't have the voice anymore. He struggled. Nevertheless, Averil and I were singing our hearts out anyway. The back up singers and the band were absolutely brilliant. And we still had a great time.

Unfortunately after returning from a great weekend in Auckland, I came home to a leaking hot water cylinder. There were drips coming through the ceiling in the dining room for who knows how long so the carpet was quite damp. I called the property manager who called the plumber who called me and then came around within the hour - now that's service! The cylinder had to be ordered in and replaced which was done on Wednesday. So only 3 days with a leaking ceiling.
A good result.

And THAT was our October, in a nutshell.
Tune in next week for a recount of Averil's Henny!