Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sing, Fat Lady, SING!!!

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I am TOTALLY over all these quakes and after shocks. I find I am tired all the time and have little naps when I can. Maybe too many. I put it down to the extra 'quake weight' I have packed on making me tired but Belinda's (my flatmate) theory is that with all the adrenaline constantly running around our bodies coupled with the broken sleep, everyone is much more tired than usual. I think that theory is valid. Apparently there has been over 7000 aftershocks since September's quake. That is a long time to be on edge.

Lucky old Aunty Apes had a night in Queenstown a few weeks ago. Jetstar had some really cheap flights a while ago so Averil and I had the same thought and booked - for different weekends. It's a shame that we never got the same weekend but at least neither of us had to share the gorgeous little nieces. We love those nieces to pieces!

Not sure if I mentioned in a previous blog update but I started a 14 week Introductory to Beauty Skills night course just before the February earthquake at Aoraki Polytech. We had one class and then the earthquake hit so it was postponed for a few months and has just started up again at the SIT building in Sockburn. We had our first assessment last week on Personal Appearance and got our results back this week. I got 100%!! Yeah!! We also had a practical assessment doing mini facials and a theory exam on skin care this week. We all passed the practical and will find out our theory results next week. I'm not feeling as confident about this one. Fingers crossed I get the required 25/30 to pass the exam.

Next week is a practical module on nail care and we will learn to do manicures which should be fun.

Netball has started back up again too and we have won 2 out of the 3 games played so far. I haven't been playing due to my hand still feeling weak and not quite healed enough but have been going along and yelling out words of encouragement.... a little too loud perhaps as Alex was sitting beside me last week and had to block his ear! Well I've got to make sure the team hears me!!

Averil had an Intimo Lingerie party at Roxy Inn last Friday. The items were beautiful and with lots of giggly women there I think we bought enough for her to get her hostess gift. The consultant tried to convince me to become a consultant so I am going to a NO OBLIGATION info evening next Monday to find out more. If I do decide to go ahead with it you will ALL be hit up to host a Intimo party. Mark my words!

Last Saturday morning Claire, Averil, Renee, and I met for breakfast at Drexel's to fuel up before hitting the shops to look for a bridesmaid dress for Renee. Success! We found the perfect dress - second shop, second dress, done. It was just too easy. Averil was happy. Renee looked fabulous and was happy. Claire and I were just happy to have be invited along!

So we can tick that off the looooong wedding check list.

Claire and Scott decided to get out of Christchurch for the weekend and head to Queenstown. Friday was a great day for a drive - nice and sunny for the most part. Claire has been given strict instructions to get LOTS of photos and I am sure they will be on Facebook in the near future. They are due to return tomorrow.... unless they decide to stay longer which is always so tempting! Jealous Aunty D is looking forward to hearing all about their weekend.

I finally got back in touch with my massage therapist last week and managed to get appointments for me, Averil, and Claire on Sunday. This was the first time the girls had used Jenny and they both said she was professional, gentle, and really lovely.

It had been 6 months since my last massage so I was in desperate need of one. It was great and I felt so much better on Monday!

I've completely fallen in love. His name is Brian and he's a little younger than me but is so much fun! He came and stayed last night and Belinda loves him too. Although her cat, Christmas Dinner, got a bit jealous when he saw Brian sitting on Belinda's knee. He's a friendly little fella. He came with me to Roxburgh Street last night and Averil and Eru thought he was great. He's a little white 3 month old puppy who belongs to my work mates wife. They let me puppy sit for the night and it was such fun. Definately a great way to forget the stresses of recent events. He got picked up this morning just after 10am and for the first hour Belinda and I moped around and felt all lost without him. I wonder what he's doing right now?