Friday, March 6, 2009

Och Aye Nae Noo!

Things are ticking along nicely at Roxy Inn. Claire and I have both been relatively busy and almost have to book in to see each other!! I've been a bit slack with walking with Lynnie and Courtney due to one thing or another but have been walking during my lunch time with Val so at least that's something. Although I do feel that I haven't seen L&C for AGES. Must remedy that as I've heard that Courtney has new 'Mike' stories.

Dad turned the grand old age of 60 on the 24th - Phew! Who even knew people got that old?! I talked to him on Tuesday and he said he had talked to all his kids which made him happy. Mum surprised him with dinner out in Warkworth with some friends the following night. Sounds like they had a really nice time.
Alex has started at Uni now. Exciting for him. Apparently he hates Thursdays as he doesn't have time for lunch. Let the hardships begin!

So last week I had the week off work. Jenni and I managed to paint the town tartan on Saturday night - not getting home until after 5am!!! It was messy. There were quite a few vodka & redbulls consumed along with a few shooters - never a good idea! It had to be done though.

Sunday was the Waipara Wine Fest and after a few days of rain Sunday was beautiful. Just as well as the wine fest is all outside so rain wouldn't make it very pleasant. Lance drove me, Jenni and Megan out to Waipara and I had managed to score 4 free tickets from work. Result!! I was still a bit drunk on the way out so was glad I wasn't supposed to be the driver. After getting there and setting up a possie in the sun, the hang over kicked in. What I SHOULD have done is have a wine - hair of the dog and all that - but, alas, I didn't and ended up having to go and sleep it off in the back of the car. Sad days for me. Anyway, the others had a great day and Megan and Jenni were quite tiddley when they all arrived back to the car. Jenni even got to see the phenomenon which is Stove Pipes. She liked. The Black Velvet Band were playing there.
On Monday Jenni and I set off on another whirlwind adventure - this time to the West Coast. We stopped at Shanty Town for a looksie. We even got to pan for gold... and got some. Exciting. Although I think they rig it so you are guaranteed to get some. Not enough to leave work and retire though. Ho hum. We both loved Shanty Town.

Then onwards to Punakaiki to look at the pancake rocks. Very cool and well set out. The weather had been pretty wet but every time we stopped for something the rain stopped so that made it nicer. From there we went to Westport... hmmmm... not the nicest place I've ever been. We had trouble finding accommodation that night due to a bowling convention being held in Westport.. ha! Managed to get a really nice room at a back packers though so that was nice.

We headed home on Tuesday and cooked a nice Kiwi dinner of roast lamb for Jenni. On Wednesday we went to the 20/20 cricket which was brilliant. The Black Caps won. Hurrah! Another perk from work. Thanks CHH!!

On Thursday afternoon I had to say goodbye to Jenni as she headed back to Scotland and I departed for Auckland.

Thursday nights netball went well apparently. Roving sports reporter Claire filled me in as I wasn't there. The score was neck and neck and our team was actually ahead at the start.... giving the team a burst of confidence that we might ACTUALLY have a chance of winning. Everyone played very well but they other team got a good lead in the second half with the end score being 20-37.

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