Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Annabelle's Christening - The Musical

Easter weekend, this year, was spent in Queenstown. Claire and I started our road trip on Friday morning with a boot load of vegetables, and got to Qtown around 4.30pm. It was a lot cooler there than it had been in Christchurch! It had been snowing around the MacKenzie Country a few days previously and we found snow down to ground level at Lake Tekapo. Very pretty.
Mum and Dad weren't due to arrive until the next day at lunch time so Aunty Claire and Aunty D got maximum cuddle time with Annabelle until having to hand her over to her adoring grandparents.

Saturday night was Annabelle's Christening which was incorporated into the Saturday night Easter service at church. Being Easter, there was a LOT of singing - but the Priest at this particular church obviously LOVES to sing so sang pretty much the whole service. He even asked the congregation if they minded him singing - by singing it. It was nice though.

Annabelle was extremely well behaved throughout the service - except for doing a nice loud burp at one point (better out than in, though, right?) and didn't make a sound while being annointed.

The service was at 8pm so we had a beautiful meal cooked by Catkin beforehand and then went back for dessert afterwards.

Gavin's friend Graeme and Catkin's friend Amy are Godfather and Godmother. Unfortunately Amy couldn't come over from the UK so I stood in for her... as a stunt double.

Sunday was full of Easter eggs, eating, and people visiting. It was a beautiful day. Claire and I managed to roll ourselves out of the house in the afternoon to go for a walk ... just a small one. We made it up to a reservoir and sat and admired the view. Queenstown is just so beautiful!

On Monday morning Claire and I said our goodbyes and got some last cuddles before setting off back to Christchurch. We stopped at Twizel (the town of trees) and had lunch which was really yummy. There weren't too many mad people on the road either which was good. We made it home just after 4pm.

Mark, bless him, came over and cooked us dinner which was just lovely.

Last week our team was short as Sandra had to work late. As it turned out our opposition never turned up so we won by default. BUT we did manage to get a game with some of the cricketers. It was a good game - our team won 32-25 but unfortunately the score doesn't count. Good that we at least got a game though.

Mum arrives in Christchurch tomorrow afternoon and will be with us until Sunday so Claire and I are planning an action packed weekend for her. She will be able to come and watch us at netball (if she wants to) and be a cheerleader tomorrow night.

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