Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night!

Sad News: Claire and Mark broke up recently which was a massive shock to everyone - especially Claire. It seems Mark wasn't sure what he wanted and after two weeks of dilly-dallying around, keeping Claire hanging and giving her false hope, big brave Claire took matters into her own hands and ripped that sticking plaster off, ending things and reclaiming her life. I was SO proud of her - not an easy thing to have to do. Neccessary though, it seems.
It's such a shame as Mark was a nice guy but the way he handled the last two weeks was so disappointing. For someone he claimed to love, he didn't show much respect.

Weight Watchers is still going ok. I seem to have been stagnant for the past two weeks - not putting any weight on (touch wood) but just staying the same. It's hard at this time of year when there are often chocolates and treats in the office, and work parties. But when I think I have been unfocussed I think about how much worse I was before I started Weight Watchers and don't beat myself up so much. Being 'naughty' now means having 2 chocolate biscuits - not a whole packet like I used to! Weight loss to date is 8 kilos. I'm a third of the way to my goal weight. Only 16 kilos to go. Easy.

I was asked to house sit again out at the mansion in Templeton for the weekend just gone. My shift started Friday night and I came back home on Sunday evening. There were twice as many chickens this time and lots of baby chicks. Sooo cute! It was a nice relaxing weekend with, of course, plenty of SKY watching. I can't believe with all those channels SKY has to offer there was really nothing very good to watch. But I still managed to find things to watch. I've had my fix for the next 6 or so months. It's such a time waster!

It's hard to believe next week is Christmas!! How did that happen? This year has gone way too fast for my liking! Claire and I are driving to Queenstown on Christmas Eve. That's the extent of the plan so far. I've been asked to join the Hampton's for a night at Omakau where they are camping on my way home from Queenstown. Other than that I am just going to fly by the seat of my big girls pants!

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  1. Well, great cup, but let's hope that it does not have to be awarded to anyone ever again! Onward and upward, I say! Looking forward to seeing you in Queenstown.