Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dance Then Wherever You May Be

Easter is always a welcome break from work but this year it was made extra special by a visit from Mum and Dad. They arrived on Thursday and we all went out for dinner to Winnie Bagoes on Thursday night for Claire's graduation dinner. Claire and 2 others from her work had graduated from their year long correspondence course with a degree in early childhood teaching. It was a really good night and the food was very yummy.

Good Friday usually means hot cross buns and this year Mum didn't disappoint! Paula and Alex came over for lunch too and Alex was suitably impressed with the buns. He mentioned he had never had home made hot cross buns before. Poor little Attis hasn't lived!! They were as great as ever.
Mum, Claire and I went to 3pm mass down at the Catholic Church in Fisher Ave. Good Friday mass is a somber occasion due to the subject of what Good Friday is all about - so there was no music, no singing out of time, and definately no laughing.
Dad was left home alone to potter around in the garden.
Dad, Claire and Mum worked hard over the weekend chopping, weeding, and clearing the back yard at Roxburgh Street. It looks heaps better, bigger, and sunnier now. Good work guys!

On Saturday morning we went to the casino for breakfast - all you can eat for $20! Aunty Bev and Paula met us there. There was loads to chose from and the coffee and tea kept coming. Brilliant. None of us needed lunch that day.

On Saturday night we went to Paula and Kazio's for a roast dinner. So basically we ate good food all weekend..... I feel full just thinking about it now!
I had a sleepover at Roxy Inn on Saturday night in preparation for the early airport delivery for Sunday morning. Mum and Dad flew off to Queenstown just after 8.30am to spend a few days with Gavin, Catkin, Annabelle, Bob and Sue. It sounds like they had a great time AND Annabelle had new moves to show off - she is now walking. Bless.

Other than all that the rest of the week has been pretty quiet. Our cousin Patrice was in Christchurch for the weekend and popped around to Roxburgh Street on Friday night for a Milo and a catch up. It was really nice to see her again and hear about what's going on with her and her family. She participated in a Masters Gymnastics Competition recently and won a gold medal. Well done Patrice! Although not long after that she tore her calf muscle while demonstrating a move and was on crutchers for a while. She's all better now though.

I've been keeping busy organising a 5 week overseas trip for the middle of the year. I have 2 weddings to attend - one in Portugal and one in Frankfurt - so am incorporating a visit to Japan, Edinburgh, Italy and Shanghai aswell. I am looking forward to it but have lots of planning and saving to do between now and then. I am hoping to meet up with Apes, Eds, and Renee while abroad for a cup of tea and a hug.


  1. Love it! I was there all weekend and I'm still excited to read about the Roxy St happenings! Cheers Editor

  2. Me too! We had a great time with the Christchurch section of the family and enjoyed all the outings and the lovely warm weather. Casino breakfast is great!! It was good to see your new home, too, Madam Editor.

  3. You betcha there'll be cups of tea and hugs while you're abroad! For the next RR, I wonder if you could please employ your local roving reporter to give an update on how Min and Toby are. I miss them.