Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back To Reality

The good thing about being awake at 3am with jet lag is the amount of things I get done. I have uploaded all photos onto the blog now (hint hint), have cleaned out my handbag, and am having breakfast - all before 6am which is normally the time my alarm goes off for me to get up for work. I am, however, dreading the 2pm tiredness which is sure to come. And the fact that I have to go to my second job after work AND then have a late game of netball tonight makes me feel tired even now, but not sleepy. Oh well, who needs sleep anyway?!

I made it home safely and in one piece with no major dramas. I thought for a split second that they weren't going to let me in to Shanghai for the night as I didn't have a visa. I had been told I didn't need one if I was staying less than 24 hours and as it turned out I was only there for 23 hours but it took the Chinese Immigration officers a good half hour to work this out. While I was waiting I was scoping out the most comfortable and quiet corner in case I had to stay there the night.

I had booked a hotel closer to the city and my room was pretty flash. I ventured out to get some milk for a cup of tea and that was the extent of my exploration of Shanghai. What I did discover was that all drivers toot their horns constantly and with good reason - the driving is SHOCKING but they all seem to cope. Crazy. Walking on the footpath and crossing only when there was a 'green man' made me feel like I was a dare devil taking my life in my own hands!

Dear sweet Kathryn was at the Auckland airport to meet me early early on Sunday morning. Bless her. I had originally been flying back to Chch that morning but had changed it so that I could spend the day in Auckland and surprise Mum for her birthday. Kathryn and I (mostly Kathryn) worked on a cunning plan to get Mum to Auckland for the day - not so hard really as she was looking forward to lunch with Dad, Kathryn, and Moos (Alan) in Auckland. And I gatecrashed it!
It was so good to see them all and Mum had no idea. I love it when a plan comes together!

We had a lovely lunch at the restaurant at the base of One Tree Hill (aka None Tree Hill/No Tree Hill/What Tree Hill - as there is no longer a tree there) which was superb.

The day was over too quickly (not quickly enough for Moos though as he kept looking at his pretend watch and asking what time my flight was) and I was back on the plane again bound for Christchurch. I was asleep before we even took off.

Claire was at the Christchurch airport to pick me up and it was a jolly sight cooler in Chch than it had been in Auckland. Claire hugged me to hard she squeezed a little tear out of my eye!
It was nice to be home.

Back to work on Monday and everyone greeted me with hugs - which I loved. Hugs are one of my top favourite things. I didn't really do too much and struggled through the day. The rest of the week has been much the same.

Last night was my first night back at Cherrytree. And as expected, it sux. I might wait it out a few more weeks and then chuck it. Will see. It would be nice to have my evenings back again.
Looking forward to a marathon of Outrageous Fortune on Saturday. My work mate's lovely wife has recorded them for me as the new season started while I was away. For those who don't know, Outrageous Fortune is THE best NZ television show EVER. Full of swearing and sex. Quality viewing. So I am looking forward to that.

And now I'm back it's time to decide what to do with my life. I had decided to get the trip out of the way before looking at what I want to do when I grow up. I can't put it off any longer. Watch this space......


  1. Lovely photographs, Danielle. Everyone must be thrilled to have you back home. You certainly seem to have crammed an awful lot into your 5 weeks - we'll certainly miss the daily updates on your blog!! xx

  2. Thanks Bob and Sue - my first-equal favourite regular commenters! It is nice to be home. I could continue with the daily updates but fear it would be more a remedy for insomnia than entertainment. Real life just doesn't have quite the same excitement.

  3. Great that you made it back to the land of the long white cloud safe and sound. I love the way you never have any spelling errors in your blogs. This puts you leagues ahead of any journalist that publishes articles on the internet!