Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Surprise For Rox!

Imagine a gloomy day at work - the weather is a little chilly for Spring, you have vision problems caused by a migraine starting, and you've just had a run in with the twat down in despatch THEN something amazing happens. Think of the best thing you can think of and then times it by 1,000,000. This was my day on Tuesday.
So there I was, working hard in the office. Head down. And suddenly I saw a couple of familiar faces walk past the window. I possibly screamed, got up out of my chair, and RAN down to reception, almost bowling over Julian on the way, to greet the surprise visitors - Averil, Eru, and Eru's twin brother Karati. Oh happy days!

What a fantastic surprise. It was so surreal! The two little monkeys had planned all along to come home earlier than they had told everyone to surprise us. And what a surprise!

After being the 'surprisee' at work, I was got to become part of the 'surpriser' team at Roxburgh Street. Apes, Eds, and Kuds headed straight there after seeing me and by the time I got there Claire hadn't yet arrived home. Hmmm.... I rang her to see where she was and said I had popped in for a cup of tea. She was at the Warehouse printing off photos and would be home in half an hour. Perfect. Renee, on the other hand, was a little more difficult. I had sent her a text to see if she wanted to go for a walk after work - she's always up for a walk. She was keen and suggested we meet at our usual spot at Hagley Park... hmm problem.. I said we should meet at Roxburgh Street so we could pick up Claire and all go together. She said maybe I could pick up Claire and we both meet her at Hagley Park.. Hmmm not quite as easy as I first thought. I gave it one last attempt by saying we should just meet at Claire's. She was tired after night shift and even though she thought it was odd, said she'd be there. Phew! My work here was done.

Renee was the first to arrive and when she saw Averil and Eru she screamed, dropped her cardi, and cried. Good result.

Then, finally, Claire arrived home. She saw Karati and had to look twice before realising it wasn't Eru and proceeded to launch into a story about her dream from the previous night where Averil and Eru were home ........ and then they walked around the corner. Claire cried. Another good result.

So of course there was lots of chatter and questions and more hugs before Eru and Karati took off for a boys night of twin bonding.

Claire, Renee, Averil, and I went out to see Paula and Kazio. I had called Paula earlier to say I would pop out for a cup of tea. I was starting to love being a tricky trickster.
I walked in first, followed by Claire, Renee and lastly Averil. Paula practically threw her dinner on the table as she jumped up to hug Averil. Yet another good result. This was fun!
Alex also came home while we were there so it was good to see him.

Paula has a new kitten, Roz, who I immediately fell in love with. She is just a wee dot of fur and was plum tuckered out after a day of Christmas tree climbing, and Alex scratching. She is just gorgeous and I was VERY close to putting her in my bag and bringing her home. Even Averil, who doesn't particularly like kittens, had to admit that she was a little bit cute.

I think all of us had a permanent smile on all day on Wednesday.

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