Friday, December 23, 2011

Waiting Room Etiquette

It seems I just have just enough time for a pre-christmas whinge. This morning I had an appointment with my Dermatologist. When I arrived there was no receptionist and there were two people in the waiting room for one of the other doctors. The waiting room consists of about 20 metres of seating around the walls. Lots of room, right?
So the couple already waiting let me know that the receptionist hadn't arrived yet so I said thanks, grabbed a Next magazine (great reading, btw) and sat down. Not long after the receptionist arrives, along with another lady. New lady looks around, and reports in for her appointment. I get up, leaving my magazine and bag where they are so I can report in for my appointment. When I turn around to go back to my seat New Lady has sat right where I was sitting!! Now, correct me if I am wrong BUT if you see someone has been sitting somewhere AND have left their stuff there would you not sit somewhere else?? There is another 18 metres of seating available!!! Or am I being a bit finicky?
People need to learn these Waiting Room Rules before they visit such places. (or at least if they plan to visit the places I visit).
That is all.

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  1. Quite right! A bit of etiquette makes the world a lot nicer place! Maybe she was cold and wanted a warm place to sit??? I hope you went to sit down as close to her as you could possibly get so she got the message that she had taken over your space. :-/