Friday, July 13, 2012


Big congratulations go out to Mr and Mrs Metcalfe who purchased a home yesterday by auction.

Congrats Averil and Eru. It's a three bedroom home with studio in Mairehau (pronounced My-de-ho although a lot of Christchurch folk pronounce it Marry-how). I can't wait to come and have a gander and I look forward to the housewarming!!


  1. Good photos, Editor! Isn't it lovely? It will be a great home for them and I hope they will be very happy there. Nice to see the inspection team out in force. Some happy-looking smiles there. xx

  2. Neat stuff, that! By the way, it's actually nowhere near Mairehau . . . it's Wainoni (which Eru says means "wet bum", much to my great delight).

  3. Whoopsie daisy! My error. Sorry about that. xx