Thursday, August 16, 2012

What To Expect When You're Expecting

Name: Claire Lethaby

Age: 32

Week Number: 26

Due Date: 20th November

Baby Size: 20-something centimetres in length

Morning Sickness: None

Movement: Lots! Particularly at night and in the morning when still in bed

Symptoms: Sore legs, sore feet. Nearly has an outie! (belly button)

Diet: Remembering to eat little and often as there isn't much room for food in there

Weight gain: 8kgs

Cravings: Chocolate milkshakes and milk drinks

Exercise: None - just getting through the day is enough!

Sleep: Pretty disturbed with toilet time

Milestones: Having scans in 3D and getting a photo was awesome!

Can't live without: Stretchy waisted maternity jeans - everyone should have some!

What you miss: Ham sandwiches

What you're looking forward to: Ham sandwiches! Oh, and meeting baby, and finding out his/her sex.

Best Pregnancy Advice: Listen to your body - rest when you need to. Don't worry about what the books say they can be scary!

Any Mood Swings: NO!!! WHY!!!! Shut up!!!!! Emotional sometimes before 15 weeks

Work: The more sleep the night before the better

During your 26th week of pregnancy, your baby-to-be opens her eyes for the first time. She'll open and shut her eyes as she gets used to her new ability. Your little one is still on the small side. Her body may look fully formed on the outside, but inside there's fine-tuning taking place, including her lungs and her brain. Your unborn baby still has some growing to do!


  1. Aw, look at the little baby. X. Now look at the picture and imagine the baby's feet are moving as though running. That was today. All day. It's like having a constant little companion jumping around saying "What's happening?! What's happening?! What's going on?!"

    And I'm serious about the jeans. Get some! Oh, and the ham sandwich.

  2. I freaking LOVED my maternity jeans. I still love them and would wear them if they still fit, because they rocked.

    (I ate ham while pregnant)

    Put a bottle half filled with water on your belly and watch your little one kick it and make the water splash. It should get old way before it actually does... this was a favourite pastime of mine. lol.

  3. Eru just said he has put on 4kg since discovering Claire is expecting :)
    Aunty apes can't wait until November 20!

  4. Having just read this post again, for about the 5th time, I must say I love it!! All the questions that I didn't know I wanted to ask are now answered. Time for an update, though, please dear Editor! I am sure I posted a comment here the first time I read this entry, but it must have disappeared into the stratosphere somewhere. Or maybe I just meant to do it!! Anyway, brilliant!