Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First Equal Equal Best Wedding Of The Year!

Yes, I know, Kathryn and Moo's wedding was well over a month ago.  And yes, I know I should have updated a LOT sooner.  But, can I just say, it was a fantastic day!
Kathryn looked absolutely gorgeous and Moos scrubbed up pretty well too. 
The morning was raining which is never good for a brides nerves on her outdoor wedding day.  But someone must have been watching over us as the rain stopped for the ceremony and after drink/nibbles, and then started again once we were on on our way to the reception. 
The reception was FUN!  They had hired a photo booth which was the most fun I'd had in AGES (clearly I need to get out more).  The DJ was awesome.  Everyone looked to be having a brilliant time AND I caught the bouquet!!  That's right, I'm next!! (Unless Annabelle beats me up the alter - which is actually looking quite likely).  Dear Uncle Bryan came up to me afterwards and said he wanted to be the first to congratulate me. Ha ha.  Bless.
The whole night was a blast.  Thanks Kitten and Moos for having such a great excuse for us all to get together again and throwing a fantastic party!  xx

I'll let the photos tell the beautiful story.....

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  1. Great wedding, great day, great photos, great family. Good on you, Danielle. An eagerly awaited post does not fail to live up to expectations! xxx