Friday, January 22, 2010

End Of An Era

It is with a heavy heart that I have made the decision to sell my share of the house and move out. Claire and Averil are buying me out and I move tomorrow into an already established house in Hoon Hay with the woman owner, Belinda, and her cat Christmas Dinner. (Apparently she used to live in a student flat in Dunedin and her male flatmates named him that and it just stuck. She calls him Dinny for short).
My friend Richard from work is borrowing a small truck from his friend and has very kindly offered to help me move. I am also borrowing the van from work (which is exactly like Timmy - memory lane here I come!!) and will load that up tonight so it's all ready to go in one trip tomorrow.
Min is staying at Roxburgh Street for the time being although it breaks my heart to leave her but I feel it is best for her to stay there for now until I decide what I will do next. I would hate to separate her and Toby now that they are besties! I KNOW Aunty Claire will take good care of her and I am allowed back to visit (I hope!!). And of course there are the cat support payments.

Freelance reporter Claire was down in Queenstown last weekend to help celebrate Annabelle's first birthday with Mum, Kathryn, and Anne, and said it was a great time. They picniced at Lake Hayes on the Saturday and again Annabelle was suitably spoilt!

Weight loss has been a little slooooooow of late. I seemed to plateau a little over the festive season going up and down a tiny bit but not really making any progress BUT this week I lost 1.1 kgs AND got awarded a keyring for my 10% loss. I had to go up the front of the meeting to claim my prize. Shame! Weight loss to date is 9.1 kgs. Only 14.9 kilos to go. Easy.


  1. Sniff! I hope the move went well. As a little aside, your other followers need to photographically identify themselves. Can you use your powers as Editor to enforce this?
    Awesome weight loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great keyring, Danielle, and it represents a lot of hard work, so it is precious. Well done!

    Sorry, Apes and Editor - my identifying photo would not go on when I registered and it is beyond my technical skills, so I have to remain an anonymous blob.

    Your followers still need a Christchurch fix, so I hope the page will continue and go from strength to strength! Keep up the good work!

  3. Given the huge (and satisfying) element of surprise when I am able to successfully post a comment, I think you will understand my utter inability to affix a photo. Sincerely hope your immensely entertaining blog will continue under your new roof - what on earth will you call it?? We wait with interest - Sue & Bob (I never know what I am signed off as - frequently I am 'anonymous'!!)

  4. Aah, however, this time Bob has adopted you! xx