Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Roxy By Proxy

The move last weekend went well. Richard from work turned up right on time and we loaded the big stuff on his borrowed truck and travelled in convoy - Claire in her car, me in the work van, and Richard in the truck - around to the new place. It was all done in an hour and a quarter - record time!
While on one of the many treks from house to car to unload I heard my name being called out which I thought a little odd. I looked next door and a little girl maybe 4 years old and her Mum were hanging out the window welcoming me to the neighbourhood. They had been speaking to Belinda (new flattie) and she had told them that I was moving in. Very nice and friendly I thought.
Lance came around in the afternoon and helped set up my tv while I found homes for everything. It is safe to say that unpacking is NOT my favourite pastime.
The following morning I went to have a shower. Now, Belinda had warned me that the taps were a little temperamental and required tweaking and patience to get the right temperature. I was unclothed, standing for about 10 minutes with one arm in the shower box trying to figure out which tap was actually hot and which was cold when I turned around and noticed the door to the toilet/laundry was wide open with a clear view into the neighbours kitchen! I've never shut a door so quickly in my life!! I haven't seen the neighbours since and am not sure if they saw me standing there in all my glory! They could possibly be still rolling around the kitchen floor laughing. Oh the embarrassment!
I made the mistake of telling my work mates about it on Monday and received this little picture via email with the caption 'Oops I better shut the door before I take this off'. Ha! I can't help but laugh about it.... and neither can my work mates.

Aunty Paula turned another year older last week. Claire and I joined her and Kazio for dinner at Sampan Chinese Restaurant on Friday night. It was yummy! Claire and I shared the set menu even though we ate enough to sink a ship there was still enough for Paula to take a doggie bag home for lunch on Saturday. We left there feeling very rotund.

I see that my bullying tactics on the last blog regarding followers has worked! Welcome to all new followers - it's a pleasure to have you all on board!! A suggestion was made by a long time follower (Apes) that other followers post a photo of themselves. I have since learnt that a few people are finding it too difficult to do so. I remember the troubles Claire had when she first tried to post a comment so completely understand.
Claire has been very busy doing her very last assignment for the past few weeks (months) and will be no doubt very relieved when she posts it off tomorrow afternoon. One year of very hard work and she has done so well getting all passes with either Merit or Distinction. Well done Claire.

I am off on holiday from tomorrow lunchtime. I am zipping up to Picton for two days as it is Lance's birthday on Friday. Then back to Chch on Saturday to pick up my dear Scottish friend Jenni from the airport. She is on the last leg of her NZ trip and will be in Chch for 5 days.

Saturday night has a girls night arranged to paint the town tartan! Claire said she is VERY ready to go out and let her hair down after a rough and busy few months. We are also taking our wee 18 year old friend Ashleigh Hampton out on the town for her debut. I am looking forward to it! Sunday may very well be a quiet one.


  1. I think this one is the best yet! Thanks to you for all the support over the last year that has helped get me to completion. What a relief it's over (unless I get a re-submit!) Can't wait till Saturday. Where will we go...?

  2. Yay!!! I managed to actually post a comment! BTW: Love the title - very clever, witty AND catchy. Your recount of the shower incident made me laugh out loud, even though I had already heard it. Made even funnier this time by the little cartoon to go with it! You'll have to remind the neighbours who you are next time you see them as they may not recognise you with clothes on.

  3. I agree with Claire - great title and good to see the Review is continuing. You can't just leave your public to go cold turkey!

    Enjoy your very busy weekend, and a Happy Birthday to Lance from us.

    Lots of love from the hot and sunny North. XX