Sunday, May 30, 2010

At The End Of The Day

Sadly Lance and I have decided to call it a day after 18 months together. I went up to Picton on Friday with the view to sort out with him where we were heading and we mutually agreed to break up. As sad as it is for me I know it is the right thing to do. He never wants to marry or have children and I think I do - or at least I want to have the option.
We had a really nice weekend together and he held my hand while I cried and we discussed the inevitable this morning. There is no bitterness or anger.. Just a lot of tears.. from me mostly. He promised he was going to cry once I left.
I can't quite say it out loud yet without crying but I'm sure that will just take a little time.
At least now I am free to date Mark Wahlberg when he finally builds up the courage to ask me out. And a little girl waits......

I just hope I didn't look this ugly when I was crying!


  1. This now leaves you free and unfettered to meet a smashing British Boy and set up camp over here. Swapsies for G&C. Perfect!! Big Hugs xxx

  2. That sounds great! Although I don't know if I could stay so far away from my favourite little person in Queenstown... Something to think about though. xx

  3. Did you just compare yourself to Dawson Leary? Oh Danielle.
    Love you x