Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Day On The Queen

We had a long weekend this one just gone. It was our last long weekend until Labour Weekend in October. It makes Winter feel very long, dark, and cold. Luckily for me I am jetting over to the other side of the world to Summer. Anyone is welcome to join me.
I digress. My long weekend was very productive. I didn't leave the house at all on Saturday and Monday but got lots done including lots of cleaning. It really doesn't look any cleaner but I know that it is.
Washing got dry on Saturday which is VERY exciting at this time of year. And the other two days were cold, wet, and windy. True Winter weather. It was nice to be cosy indoors.

The Southern Barts arrived at Roxy Inn from Qtown on Tuesday evening. They had been diverted at Rakaia due to an accident on Rakaia bridge involving a truck and two cars. I heard there was one fatality and that the truck had gone right over the side of the bridge. Nasty nasty.
It was nice to see them safe and sound in Christchurch.

Annabelle is so grown up now - she's not a baby anymore. She's walking around at a great pace - still a little unsteady but very cute. Of course, I wanted huggles as soon as she arrived but she was a little weary and so I had to trick her into a cuddle by lifting her out of the high chair and not letting her go. Ha ha! It worked a treat..... until she cottoned on about 5 seconds later that I wasn't going to let her go in a hurry! She's one smart cookie. I am off to Roxy Inn again tomorrow night for dinner and a sleepover so am going to use some new tactics to get more hugs and of course the camera will be out in full force so stand by for photos.

Only two more sleeps until our girls night in Hanmer Springs. Mum, Aunty Mary, Kathryn, and Heather are flying into Chch on Saturday morning. And 9 of us (which includes me, Catkin, Claire, Annabelle and Paula) are off for some hot pool soaking, wine drinking, belly laughing fun. I can't wait. I am especially looking forward to a Mum hug.
And, not to be forgotten, I have made a special 'Apes Head Revisited' so it will be the next best thing to actually having Averil with us for the weekend. Look out for her in all the photos!

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  1. I LOVE your awesomeness and creativity! Me neck's a bit stiff, though. Eru asked where was his photo with his head on it but I told him he is not a girl so he can't go to Hanmer, ever.