Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Cheeky Wee Roadie

Averil and I packed up our troubles in our old kit bags and headed to Queenstown for the long weekend a few weeks ago. It had been a whole year since we were last there!  So Friday morning I picked up Averil nice and early and we hit the road just after 7.30am - hoping to make it in time for Annabelle's school assembly at 2.15pm.  The drive was great.  Averil had prepared 6 hours of stories and chat to keep us entertained as the CD player in my car was not ejecting the current CD but was still playing it - which would get very boring very quickly.  And the radio only works until Ashburton and then gets static. It was a beautiful day for a drive. 
We managed to make it to Queenstown, and to St Joseph's School with 10 minutes to spare.  Annabelle's class sang a few songs and Annabelle got an award for 'Getting Things Done Quickly'.  I was so proud I clapped... no one else did.

Then we got a tour of Annabelle's class (by the award winning student herself) before heading home for some afternoon tea. 

Saturday morning we went with Annabelle to her ballet class.  She decided to just watch this time and perhaps join in the following week.  Aunty Apes and I both decided that all the things the other little girls in the class were doing Annabelle could easily do.  So hopefully she did join in the next time.

Saturday afternoon was a bit chilly (for us Northern folk, at least) and drizzly so we watched The Sound Of Music - the sing-a-long edition.  Annabelle knows all the words.  And everyone knows how I like a good sing-song! Hazel fell asleep within the first 30 minutes.  Just like Grandad.  And apparently Mummy.  Poppy watched a little bit and then did her own thing.  We also realised how similar looking Hazel and Gretl von Trapp are!

Then we made pizzas for dinner.  Yum yum!

Gavin was busy all day Saturday working on the new deck (which I got no photos of sorry!) and it is looking great!
As always the weekend went far too quickly but was lots of fun.  Those wee girls are not so wee anymore and are growing into, beautiful, independent little people.  Such a joy to be around. 
So after lots of drawing, reading, and cuddles we headed off just after 9am on Sunday morning to head back to Christchurch.  Another stunning day for a drive.  And 6 more hours of chit chat for me and Averil!  I think if one of the catagories at quiz night was 'Things About Averil' we would definitely win.

Thanks Southern Barts for another great weekend!

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  1. A lovely issue with beautiful photos of those beautiful girls (and man). Thanks for the update on The Southern Barts. It feels like AGES since this lot have seen that lot and they have gotten so big!