Thursday, November 13, 2014

Happy Birthday To My Best Big Boy

Today is a very special day!  The cutest big boy in Christchurch turns 2 years old!  How did that happen?  Time certainly flies when you're having fun!!  Congratulations to Mummy (Claire) and Daddy (Scott) for being fabulous parents and creating this loving, funny, mischievous, clever, beautiful, little man.  He fills my heart with such joy and is an absolute pleasure to be around. 

We had a little party at home for him on Saturday with family which was fantastic.  If you don't already know, Quinn has a slight fixation with horses (neigh neighs).  He was very spoilt on Saturday and got some NEW neigh neighs as his original favourite has only 4 half legs - very much loved.  It was a great afternoon and Quinn was a trooper.


  1. Aw thanks Aunty D. We are so proud of our wee man and so lucky to have had so much fantastic family support. Quinny is definitely a 'village' effort! x x x

  2. Great to see you back online, lovely Editor! Interesting reading, as always, and I loved your 40's list in the last post. Dare I say, slippery slope? I am a bit late reading all these new posts as I had (almost!) given up on the Roxy Review. xxxxx

  3. He's just gorgeous! That hair! those eyes!! He's delicious. I want to squish him.

    Sorry D's sister, I'm not a weirdo. I just have a thing for little boys.... erm.... kay never mind. I am a BIT weird.

    Our (big) little dude is turning 3 end of the month, and our (little) little dude is already 9 months old - seems like time is just flying!

    1. Your little dudes, Kylee, are gorgeous. And they look remarkably alike. Happy birthday to Hayden!