Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bubs, Bugs, And Making Movies

We had visitors for Labour weekend - the Southern Barts came to stay for a couple of days before heading off to Melbourne for a week. Of course cameras were on charge a week in advance to allow for maximum paparazziing!

It was great to see them again as it had been 3 months since they were here last which was the last time we saw them. Annabelle was rolling around and sitting up on her own. She's a big girl now... with a great big set of lungs! It makes me laugh that Gavin (he who likes quietness) has a very vocal daughter! Ha! (Apologies for the clip - it sounds like Elmo is in the background.)

Again the cats were on high alert - the midget with tourettes was back! Annabelle clearly loves the cats and gets VERY excited upon seeing them. They are getting braver but do tend to stay out of sight when we have visitors of the tiny variety.

I dropped the Southen Barts off at the airport early, early on Sunday morning. Unfortunately Gavin had picked up a bug and wasn't very well. We had to stop en route to the airport so he could 'get some fresh air'. Two days later I caught the same bug and am currently on my second day off work. Not nice. Silver lining = I should do well at my weigh in this Friday. Fingers crossed.


  1. I can't believe how much Annabelle looks like Gavin in these clips. I'm glad Elmo could come for the weekend. Sorry to have missed his visit. Must have been out. ;-)

  2. Love the videos, thanks, Danielle. XX

  3. Good work, Danielle Speilberg.