Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Visit From The Queen

We've had quite an eventful time since the last blog was posted. Last Friday I had a waxing appointment after work and while I was upstairs getting hair ripped out some guy backed into my car. Luckily for me he is a nice guy and left his business card with details and licence plate number so I won't have to pay an excess to get my car fixed. The back drivers side light was completely smashed, with a dent in the metal below the light, and cracking on the bumper. I think the bumper has also been pushed forward a little. I have been in touch with my insurance company and got a quote from a collision repair place near my work. I've got the ok to go ahead but am just waiting for a courtesy car to come free and they will get it all fixed for me.

It was Nana Bartlett's 10 year anniversary on Saturday 26th so Claire and I went and met Paula at the graveyard and took some fresh flowers to put on the grave. The graveyard is kept really clean and tidy which is nice to see.

Mel's birthday was the 26th and we were invited to join her for drinks and dinner that night. Drinks were at 7.30pm at No.4 in Merivale then dinner was at Tutto Bene. There were about 10 of us altogether - all females - and it was a great night. We met a few of Mel's friends who we hadn't met before and they were lovely. We had a lot of laughs. Dinner was nice and afterwards we went to Sullivans for a drink. Claire and I headed home just after midnight... I think.

This week I started my new part time job at CherryTree. I worked Monday-Thursday 5.30-8.30pm. I really like it so far. The other girls are really lovely. So far I have been calling numbers from the phone book. Everyone so far has been very friendly. If they say they aren't interested then I politely end the call - they don't have to say no 10 times!
I'm hoping to keep playing netball on Thursdays so am going to talk to my manager tomorrow night and see if Thursdays can be flexible. Fingers crossed.

I had to rearrange my Weight Watchers meetings to accommodate the new job so have transferred to a meeting in town on Friday mornings at 7am. I got there in plenty of time on Friday and my weight loss this week was 1.5kgs! I was totally stoked!! Total weight loss to date is 3.7kgs. Only 20.3 kgs to go. Easy.

We had a VIP stay with us this weekend - Mum came on her way home from staying the week in Queenstown with the Southern Bart's. It was so nice to see her and get much needed Mum hugs. We got to play 2 games of REAL Scrabble (not that electronic Facebook one). Last night we went to the Pak's for dinner which was very yummy.
Yesterday we had a lovely ladies lunch out at Elevate - down by the Centaurus Road roundabout at the base of the Port Hills. It was just so great hanging out with Twisha (aka the cutest woman in the world!)

This morning we dropped Mum off at the airport and then this afternoon Claire, Mark, and I went to the movies to see 500 Days Of Summer. It was a nice movie. While there we saw advertising for the movie based on the childrens book 'Where The Wild Things Are'. I couldn't help but think that the character Max looks familiar.....


  1. That was my practice comment. It's a mine-field trying to leave one but may have it sorted. Let's try again...

  2. Yay! And in addition, great news about the weight loss D. Keep up the good work! Just think "Nana, nana, I've got no bum!"

  3. Ha! Classic. I am confident about my weigh in this week - 500 grams and I have lost 5% of my original body weight. That's worth a book mark!! Thanks for your comments. They're always appreciated.

  4. What beautiful photos throughout this blog. I'd just also like to say Danielle, that your story of the man who left his details attached to your car after he backed into it, renews my faith in the honesty of people. Yay!